Bosque Photo Collage

A couple of years ago on a trip to Seattle, Brian and I put together a photo album with the various photos we had collected from events and visitors. We had printed out two copies of each photo, intending to duplicate the album here at the Bosque.

Well, intentions are different than actions, and the photos began to collect dust in a drawer in the back of the library. And, the stack grew as we printed more photos for gifts and reminders of the fun activity.

So in preparations for this year’s Cumbre Yah (our annual sustainability festival), Lucia, Javiero, Jairo, and Luisa put together an amazing collage with the photos. We hung it just outside of the art studio. It’s great because it shows guests all the different types of activities there are, so no one needs to be limited by what happens to be happening on the day of their visit.

And, more importantly, it reminds us all that Bosque Village isn’t just who happens to be present on any given day. It is created by all visitors and residents, past and present, and continues to evolve with each person who contributes.

We’re just hitting the middle of Cumbre Yah, and it is amazing watching all the activity around the forest. Workshops, games, sports, dance, campfires… more on the festival soon!

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