Better late than never…

There are two seasons in the highlands: rainy and dry.

When the rainy season finally decides to grace us with its presence, we get very relieved. This year the dry season seemed to last forever… The forest is thirsty. The people are too hot!

It seems that now, mid-June, the season has finally changed. Clouds fill the sky in the afternoons. Every other day we get some drops of rain. A few days ago, we got a nice, good soaking. The mornings are cool and damp.

It’s an exciting time of the year in the forest. Being able to watch everything come back to life; it’s amazing how quickly it happens. And it’s amazing how strong nature is.

We’re busy preparing cisterns, cleaning gutters, and prepping gardens. June is a busy and beautiful month at the Bosque! The butterflies and birds are as happy as the people to welcome the first rains.

See the climate graph for this area here.

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